Job Opening:

Recording Engineer – Burbank, CA

Job Duties:

Multitrack record, edit and mix dialogue for voice overs, film, and TV by using

industry standard software and hardware (Pro Tools software, and Melodyne software for vocal

tuning). Record, edit, tune, and mix vocals and music (45%). Receive, review and evaluate audio

program material delivered by clients to anticipate any potential adjustments needed before

mixing, recording and/or editing sessions with project directors and/or producers (15%). Run

efficient and creative high-pressure sessions where communication with our top clients is

essential (25%). Provide engineering solutions during recording sessions for common studio

problems such as: interrupted signal flow, broken equipment, defective connections, etc (10%).

Maintain studio equipment including but not limited to calibrating hardware and software,

making scheduled repairs of electronic equipment, sound reinforcement, microphone upkeep, etc


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s (or foreign equivalent) degree in Sound Engineering, Music Production and Engineering, or Audio Production;

  • one year of work experience in the job offered or as an Assistant Recording Engineer or related; and

  • some work experience required with: Pro Tools software (version 10 or newer); melodyne software for vocal tuning; stereo and surround (5.1) mixing; reading music scores; working with in-studio and remote clients; and real-time dialogue editing and mixing.

Mail resumes to: Igloo Music Corp., 228 West Palm Ave, Burbank, CA 91502, Attn: Yolanda Borner, Studio Manager

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