Nicholai Baxter

Nicholai Baxter.jpg

A 5-time Grammy Award winner and Cinema Audio Society winner, Nicholai’s musical journey began as a toddler playing piano and guitar in his dad’s home recording studio outside of Boston. Surrounded by songwriting, studio gear, and record-making throughout his childhood, music became an integral part of Nicholai’s formative years.

However, with a natural aptitude for math, science and technology, he began his collegiate studies with a focus on electrical engineering. He continued at Berklee College of Music, where music production and audio engineering proved to be the perfect fusion of these abilities and provided ample opportunities to hone his musical creativity. Nicholai graduated summa cum laude, majoring in Music Production and Engineering, with guitar as his principal instrument.

 Nicholai’s career has taken him from songwriting and performing as a musician and singer to working as a music producer, mixer and engineer. In the process, he has shown himself to be a technical and creative innovator over a wide array of projects. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Nicholai focused his efforts of production and music direction by taking a leading role on several Latin pop and live concert albums, winning multiple Latin Grammys for his work. He began to integrate more scoring, mixing and engineering into his repertoire after experiencing the magic and power of a full symphony orchestra.

Along the way, he has continued to search for new challenges, whether it be creating multi-channel dynamic audio experiences for theme park rides or enhancing the music experience for interactive formats like video games and augmented reality environments. Nicholai is currently pushing the boundaries of music and sound in film musicals with his award-winning work in “La La Land” and most recently in “A Star Is Born”.